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Optoelectronic Devices from Trendsetter Electronics

Optoelectronic devices are used to detect and control light in a wide variety of applications. Need an optoelectronic device for your next project? Trendsetter Electronics offers many in-stock optoelectronic devices from a variety of industry leading manufacturers. Let us help you find the optoelectronic device, whether it be an optocoupler or an LED.

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PL16-WCR21: P-Tec XZMYK45S: SunLED CNY17-4: Taitron
PL16-WCR21 | P-Tec
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3945 in stock!
Our Price: $0.25
1500 in stock!
CNY17-4 | Taitron
Our Price: $0.36
150 in stock!
Opto Electronics, LED, Red, Round, 5mm, 10 Degree Viewing Angle, 420 mcd, RoHS compliant, -25C to +85C, 78mW power dissipation, 5.0V reverse voltage, 30mA maximum forward current, 100mA peak forward current, Opto Electronics, LED, 3.5mm x 2.8mm, PLCC2, Surface Mount, Yellow, 120 degree viewing angle, 198mcd, RoHS compliant, -40C-85C operating temperature. Optocoupler, Leaded, transistor output, DIP package, 6 leads, RoHS compliant.
PL318-14-1G19-10-5V: P-Tec PL515-1G1R1312-LL: P-Tec
PL318-14-1G19-10-5V | P-Tec
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PL515-1G1R1312-LL | P-Tec
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Opto LED ultra-green 3mm 54 degree viewing angle 25 mcd 85C Opto LED Dual red-green 5mm 30 degree viewing angle 35 mcd