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Trendsetter Electronics provides a variety of in-stock Associated Components Technology (ACT) products. ACT is a leading-edge manufacturer of electronic inductors, EMI suppressors, transformers, coils and chokes, all available in surface mount and thru-hole package styles. ACT specializes in rapid deliveries of production-quantity components.

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SHS1208-330K-R: Associated Component Technology SHS703-100M-R | ACT (Associated Components Technology)
SHS1208-330K-R | Associated Component Technology
Our Price: $0.72 unit price
1500 in stock!
SHS703-100M-R | ACT (Associated Components Technology)
Currently out of stock, factory minimum may apply. Click here to Request Quote.
Inductor, 33uH Inductance, 10% Tolerance Coil Inductor, 10uH, 20%, 1680mA, Surface Mount, 125C