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LSK389B TO-71 6L: Linear Integrated Systems DPAD5 TO-72 4L: Linear Integrated Systems XTR2N0525-D: X-Rel Semiconductor LSK489 SOIC 8L: Linear Integrated Systems
XTR2N0807-T: X-Rel Semiconductor LSK389B SOIC 8L: Linear Integrated Systems MNR-15S6E5-18.0/01: Min-E-Con 700-00002-01-090: Fourmost Technology Innovation Inc.

Trendsetter Electronics
Extreme Components for Extreme Projects

For more than 20 years now, Trendsetter Electronics has been focused on providing passive, active, interconnect and electro-mechanical electronic components designed for applications in the oil and gas equipment, instrumentation and MIL/AERO environments. When you need extended temperature range, we have your components.

The desire to help you with circuits that are reliable at extreme temperatures is important but the whole process of getting the right part is invaluable. Here at Trendsetter we understand the importance of reliability at temperatures above 150C. By combining superior technical expertise, a solid commitment to personalized customer service, and on-time distribution of electronic components, Trendsetter, ensures the delivery of solid electronic solutions that withstand the most extreme conditions. The need for high-temperature and high-reliability components knows no language barrier or distance; Trendsetter’s distribution of electronic components is global.

Trendsetter Electronics is a franchised electronics distributor that specializes in getting the right products for those high temp designs to you year after year. The organization’s specialized business strategy focused on a segment of the electronic industry — components that must perform in extreme environments such as high temperatures, high voltage, or high precision — provides our customers with an inventory breadth and depth not found in even the largest electronics distributors. It is our focused strategy that enables us to provide field and inside-sales representatives with extensive product training. In today’s rapidly changing electronics environment, you’ll find our staff’s solid knowledge on the high temperature components needs an invaluable asset that will save you time and money.

Trendsetter Electronics works with suppliers who bring the latest extended temperature, passive and electromechanical products to market. If you're looking for the very best extreme temperature electronics components, you'll find them right here. Not only do we stock many of the extended temp electronic components and kits, but we can also work with you on custom designs to give you an extra edge over your competition.

At Trendsetter Electronics, extreme temp components are our specialty. Whether you visit us to purchase or stop by to research high temperature electronics, you can rest assured that you came to the right place! Let us partner with you to ensure you are provided with the solutions that meet your needs. We are faithfully committed to offering each of our customers the components that represent the best price/performance value possible. Let Trendsetter Electronics help you find the best extreme components for your next extreme project!

Trendsetter Electronics is a SDB Woman Owned Small Business.

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